Theater auf die feine englische Art

"Die ganze Welt ist eine Bühne", und 16 Schülerinnen und Schüler aus dem GK Englisch (Q1) von Frau Berens schnupperten sommerliche Bühnenluft und sahen Hamlet.

Wie das war? Lest Josuas Bericht!

Shakespeare in Neuss

On Tuesday, the fourteenth of June, a few students from Mrs. Berens' English Class went to see Shakespeare's "Hamlet" in the Globe Theatre in Neuss. The play was about 90 minutes long and was performed in Shakespearian English by great actors.

Hamlet is the son of the recently deceased King of Denmark. While mourning him, his ghost appears and tells Hamlet that his uncle murdered him in his sleep.

Hamlet, outraged, vows vengeance and finds evidence of his uncle's guilt. He plans to kill him, but mistakenly stabs his father-in-law instead. From then on, everything goes from bad to worse: His wife drowns herself out of grief for her father, he is forced to kill his friend and brother in law and his mother gets poisoned in an attempt on his life. At last, when the last two people still standing on stage are Hamlet and his uncle, he finally gets his revenge but dies shortly after.

All this was acted out in an almost exact replica of the Globe in London by the Flute Theatre.

We arrived at the Neuss Train Station at about ten past six. After half an hour of walking we found the theatre, situated near a racing track. When we arrived, we had enough time to have some snacks and relax before the show started. There even was an introduction to the play, which would be difficult to understand.

The theatre had three main areas for the audience: The floor and two inside balconies, which were divided into left and right wings. We sat on the second balcony, so we had to look almost straight down to see the stage. What the Globe lacked in size it definitely made up in height.

The acting was very good; the actors spoke loud and clear and conveyed the play's intention successfully. They also didn't worry about making a huge mess with all the fake blood they smeared all over the stage and themselves. The only problem was understanding the English spoken, which was very close to the original.

The play and the original had some differences as well. It was in a more modern setting and the costumes and instruments used didn't match Shakespeare's century. It was also shortened a bit, but we had been filled up on the missing parts in the introduction.

All in all it was a great experience, seeing something performed in such an extraordinary way, and even though some of our heads were sore from looking down the whole time, it is something that everyone with even the smallest interest in literature should see.

Josua Krebber (Q1)