English G21 A2 U5

Quizlet-Kurs beitreten (6c)

Quizlet-Kurs beitreten (8a)


Text/Thema Seite Edpuzzle (Hörtext) Quizlet (Vokabeln) Exercise
A0: The Bristol Game 76/77   Link  
A1: The Bristol Quiz 78 Link Link Link
A4: Who is he? 79 Link Link  
A5: Brunel - Bristol's engineer 79 Link   Link
Irregular past participles 171   Link  
A7: Healthy and delicious? 80 Link Link Link
A9: Ananda at the computer 81 Link Link  
Irregular past participles 172   Link  
A10: A page from the booklet 81 Link Link  
Numbers 172   Link  
To catch a thief 88-90 Link Link  
Robinson Crusoe 91-93 Link    



Date File
20 March Link
25 March Link
26 March Link
27 March Link